If you are looking for a coach who understands the daily pressures you face and is willing to support and help you implement strategies to maximize your potential and achieve the results you desire, you’ve come to the right place.

My clients are passionate about their careers; have a strong desire to make a difference and want to navigate their personal and professional lives with greater ease so they can become more effective leaders.

Through customized coaching, I serve as your trusted advisor and objective ally to provide valuable tools, clarifying questions, honest feedback as well as structure and accountability to help you stay focused as you move towards your goals.

The coaching process is specifically designed to meet your unique developmental needs and to teach you tools and techniques to tap your inner resources, boost your creativity and gain new insights and awareness about yourself and those around you that allow you to have greater impact.

Having focused most of my career helping people expand their circles of influence, get important things done that matter and achieve career success, I love what I do and would like to help you too.


Career Transitions Coaching

Have you reached a crossroads in your career and on the verge of a big change, big move or big decision? Click here to gain clarity and direction.

“Lisa listened to me intently, intuitively knew what questions I wasn’t asking myself, and helped me rediscover goals and dreams. She was truly a confidante and guide at the same time.” ~ Andrea Dieckmann


Career Development Coaching

Do you want to take your career to the next level by increasing your effectiveness with greater ease and momentum? Click here to achieve extraordinary results.


“Lisa helped me sift through all the delightful and sometimes overwhelming chaos that makes up life and identify who I really am at core, what matters most, what remains my defining self no matter what. She provided easy-to-use tools, developed from extensive research and experience, that helped me pursue my goals step by step. I particularly appreciated the way she helps me balance focus on the big picture with smaller steps toward change.”   Principal Consultant, Research and Technology Outsourcing, L&D


Executive Coaching

Do you want to expand your capacity to lead and transform your environment so your contributions have lasting impact? Become an exceptional leader.

“If you are in a leadership role or aspiring to grow into one, Lisa will help strengthen your foundation for success.  I highly recommend her–she brings an amazing gift of personal discovery and leadership development to our world.” ~ Greg Gibbs

Corporate Services

If your organization needs support developing strong leaders that engage and inspire their people to achieve results and maximize their performance, I can help. By leveraging their strengths and overcome barriers to their success, I will help your top people become transformational leaders that can take your company vision and mission into a bigger sphere.

With over 25 years experience in leadership positions and working in teams with a wide range of corporations, non profit associations and government, I understand the issues that arise with diverse personality types and leadership styles.

Contact me for customized solutions to address your challenges.