The Enneagram for Personal and Professional Growth



The Enneagram is a powerful personality system that elucidates 9 distinct ways we think, feel and take action in the world.

It’s an essential tool to understanding why you do the things you do — your intrinsic drivers and motivations.

It elucidates natural strengths as well as blind spots lying right below the surface of your conscious awareness allowing you to transcend fears, frustrations and habits that hold you back from being all that you can be.



On an individual level, the Enneagram helps you:

  • Develop higher levels of self-awareness and self-management
  • Recognize and appreciate your strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Improve relationships with important people in your life
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Remove obstacles to your growth and development
  • Cultivate greater authenticity, openness and resiliency

In the workplace, the Enneagram provides an excellent foundation for leaders and managers to:

  • Become more effective communicators
  • Boost team performance
  • Identify strengths of coworkers
  • Provide constructive & empathetic feedback
  • Keep employees motivated and performing in times of change
  • Resolve conflict with greater ease
  • Streamline strategic planning and decision making
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Enneagram Discovery Package

For the individual

Being guided through the process of self discovery empowers you to learn more about your core motivations and the way you perceive the world. You develop a greater self awareness that helps you pinpoint patterns of behavior that lead to your success as well as automatic reactions and defense mechanisms that lead to conflict and struggle in your life.

The Enneagram Discovery Package includes all the materials and information you need to understand the 9 different Enneagram types and a personalized coaching session to identify and understand your unique personality style.

Discovering your Enneagram style is like gaining access to an inner world you knew existed but couldn’t quite articulate.

Package includes:

  • In-depth background materials on the 9 Enneagram types
  • Discovering Your Enneagram Style worksheets and audio intro
  • A 90 minute guided coaching session to help you identify your Enneagram style
  • Exploration of practical applications in your personal and professional life.

 Price: $325

Contact me here to schedule your session.

Note 1: Upon payment, you will be contacted to schedule your Enneagram Discovery Session and sent the background materials to get you started.

Note 2: Enneagram Discovery Work is a prerequisite for Finding Your Why.

Enneagram Discovery for the Workplace

For Teams

Working with the Enneagram helps high performing teams improve their personal effectiveness and interpersonal relationships.  By understanding each team member’s personality style and perspective, the team gains appreciation for their individual and collective strengths, helping align team goals, define tasks & roles and assist with practical and strengthened interdependencies.

Applying the knowledge of the Enneagram increases emotional intelligence, reduces conflict, improves communication & collaboration and leads to greater engagement, efficiency and accelerated performance.

Many progressive organizations have adopted the Enneagram.  Here are a few you might recognize: Adobe, Amoco, AT&T, Aventis, Boeing, Dupont, e-Bay, General Mills, Genentech, Hewlett Packard, Motorola, Nestle,  Proctor and Gamble, the Federal Reserve Bank, the CIA, Sony, Sun Microsystems, Toyota, Walt Disney Company and Weight Watchers as well as many established academic institutions: Stanford, Georgetown, UCLA, Loyola, USC, and many more.

If you have a team you’d like to see excel, contact me for customized training or team building workshops to meet your objectives.

Enneagram Discovery for Leaders

The greatest leaders are the most grounded in who they are.  Their mastery of emotional intelligence and self awareness enables them to lead from position of strength and inspire others to stretch and maximize their potential for extraordinary results.

For leaders, Enneagram Discovery is a powerful tool to expand and enrich their capabilities to become more influential and have greater impact.  Understanding the Enneagram not only helps you develop a deeper self awareness but also enables you to improve your interpersonal relationships so you increase your effectiveness in leading your teams.

For customized Enneagram Discovery for Leaders, contact me or check out Executive Coaching.


Client Experiences

“I had heard about the enneagram for years but it always felt a little obscure and less than vital until I worked with Lisa. I could not have been more wrong! Lisa made it accessible by helping me discovering my own patterns, strengths and challenges through the enneagram.

Whenever I feel myself resisting an activity now, the enneagram is the first thing that pops into my mind, and I’m struggling far less with taking action on things that just kept me stuck before. By helping me understand the scope of the enneagram beyond my own type, Lisa has helped me be a better coach and a more effective teacher in my business as well as a better partner and parent in my family.

I have more to learn, and Lisa is my go-to resource for continuing to explore this rich framework. I wish I had done this work with her 20 years ago!” ~ Laurie Foley

“I worked with Lisa to learn my Enneagram type. I think before the Enneagram, I was a little resistant to “typing” myself, but it has been extremely helpful. I am a 4, also called a Tragic-Romantic. At first, hearing that description made me laugh out loud. This is so me!

Lisa helped me see that understanding my Enneagram type can be helpful to quickly let go of things that trigger me. I am no longer swallowed whole by my passionate reactions to things. I more fully own my strengths as well. I can really see the benefit of expressing myself fully and owning the parts of myself that I use to resist. This has been hugely helpful with completing my first book as well as stepping into my business and doing it my own way.

It was a fascinating process and doing this with Lisa was lovely. I enjoyed working with Lisa very much and recommend her and her work highly!” ~ Katie McClain

“Amazing Enneagram knowledge!

The whole process was so easy. I appreciated having an audio class and some supporting materials from Lisa before our call. That way I had a good base knowledge of the Enneagram and could make better use of my time with Lisa during our discovery call.

She did such a great job of helping me see the traits that I wasn’t seeing in myself. I sometimes struggled to grasp the meaning of some of the words used in my Enneagram description because I was applying them too narrowly. Lisa gave great examples to help me get more clear about those parts of the description so I could really embrace what is true about me.

As a Certified Myers-Briggs practitioner, I wasn’t sure that I’d get a lot out of our session and I couldn’t have been more wrong. The session reinforced, supplemented and enhanced my self-awareness and shed a lot of light on how my husband and I relate too.

It will be something I reference as I clarify my vision for my coaching practice and all other areas of my life. Amazing stuff! ” ~ Elise Touchette 

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